Why Should I Wait For iPhone 5 Or I Should Buy Iphone 4S?

iPhone 4S OR iPhone 5


iphone 5 or iphone 4s ? Which one should I buy? This is one of the most overwhelming questions if you are looking forward to buying one of the iPhone Series phones. iPhone 5 was expected in 2011 but with the most surprising stunt iPhone 4S was released in its place. As a result, huge speculations have started about its release date. At present, it is expected to be released in late months of this year.

If you want to buy iphone 4s then you should be aware of some of its basic features. It has been found to be an upgraded iPhone 4 with a cheaper price tag so that it can compete with the low price Android handsets on the market introduced by many other companies. It has 3.5-inch screen size that is same as the iPhone 4. It also has a 5MP camera. It is also has A5 dual-core processor.

The market is expecting a cheap iphone 5s. Advancements in science and technology saw prices drop from the huge digit of $600 for the original iPhone to where they are now. That is why the new iPhone 5 is expected to be closely priced with iPhone 4S or even cheaper.

Why iphone 5 release was replaced by the iPhone 4S is not yet clear. Nevertheless, there are huge expectations from this unreleased mode especially because it is coming with a speculated cheaper price tag. One thing should be noted that it should improve video resolution to a full 1080p HD recording. Presently iPhone 4 has a 720p video capture at 30 frames per second.

Is the iPhone 4S Worth Buying?

The 4G facility and a bigger display are some main features that is expected to be present in iPhone 5 that is not there in iPhone 4S. iPhone 3GS and 3G owners should definitely go for iPhone 4S if they want to upgrade but not iPhone 4 users.

State-of-the-art voice recognition technology found in the Siri Assistant is one of the huge incentives that come with this phone. The chip present in iPhone 4S will provide an increase in graphics speed of seven times more than the A4 chip, found in the current iPhone 4.

The resolution of the iPhone 4S camera has been increased to 8 megapixels. It indicates that there will be a lot more data carried in each of the images it captures.

At last, it is up to you to decide that whether you want to wait or be an iPhone owner right now!

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