Who Invented the ipod?

who invented the ipod?

The Apple iPod is a great music player that is liked by millions of users worldwide.
But, do you know that who invented the iPod?

Launched on October, 2001, the iPod is an amazing discovery. This device changed the perspective about the music players.

Jon Rubinstein is the name behind this amazing gadget of this new century. It took him one year with his team to create the Ipod. Tony Fadell and Michael Dhuey are the names of people who assisted him.

The Apple Ipod is such a big hit that it is very difficult to rival it. This music player has established its name and people trust it and prefer it over the many unbranded music players that come at a cheap price.

After the invention of iPod, the theory of music players got completely changed. Earlier people would think of music players as big boxes with ugly look. The Apple iPod not only looks better, but has features that are really great.

Apple had never seen such a success with its any other product.

The function ability and looks of an iPod makes it clear that it took a lot of brains for making such a masterpiece.

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