What’s New In Latest Version Of iOS 6 Mobile Operating System

Preview of iOS 6, will add several new featuresAt last, at Apple’s developer conference, the iOS 6 was finally launched. The vice president of this software came up disclosing the amazing features to enhance the custom applications for numerous smart mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod touch as well.

You might be wondering what’s new in iOS 6; it is that around 200 latest features. With this, many developers have great opportunities to develop many other applications. Generally, developers concentrate majorly on the main characteristic features; however there are some intelligent programmers who would focus on features which are not known to most of the people.

We shall have a look at some so the not very popular features of iphone iOS 6.

Reminder applications: The last iOS had a drawback with this particular feature; therefore, this latest software is blessed to have a reminder feature.

Alerts of emails: This is an interesting feature with which users get alerts regarding any VIP emails or other emails. However if the users do not wish to have alerts, there is a Do not disturb option available to him.

Clock: Alarm, timers, and world clock is the latest among the iOS 6 features of iPad.

Do You Need to Check Out Of iOS 6 Features

If you are wondering what features will iOS 6 have, then you will definitely widen your eyes after knowing its cool features. Let us go through some awesome features of iOS 6.

Face time: At the beginning, Face Time worked only with Wi-Fi, however now Face Time works with any network. It is an exciting feature as you can use it from any where such as in bus, college, office etc. You need not bother about the Wi-Fi connection.

Siri: It is a voice assistant feature and enables you to question about anything you like such as movies, sports, and tweet, make reservations as many more. It is an innovative feature with eyes free function as well.

Call rejection: If you do not wish to take a call, you need not cancel it; instead send a message quickly saying you are busy. You can even apply your own messages.

Maps: You can navigate any location very fast with this feature.

The above mentioned were just a few features of the very long list, in order to know all the features you can visit many websites where you can even know about iPod iOS6 as well.

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