What does iPod stand for?So, you are one of the millions of pole who like and own an Apple iPod, but do not about the meaning of this term?

Today, the Apple iPod has 70% of the mp3 market share that is outstanding when we consider the hundreds of alternatives to choose from.

Since the launch in 2001, I have heard the word iPod for about 1 billion times.

But, only a few iPod users know the meaning of this word, iPod.

Well, the term iPod stands for ‘Internet POD’. The first word needs no explanation, while the second word ‘POD’ means ‘Portable Open Database’. This is the software that powers this music player.

This special name for this Apple gadget was suggested by Vinnie Chieco who came in a group of copywriters to figure out the best name to present this new apple product.

The story goes this way, when Mr. Vinnie saw a movie called ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, he noticed a phrase ‘Open the Pod bay door, HA!

So, basically his suggestion was only the word ‘POD’, but Apple also added ‘I’ as it is always there in its products like iMac and others. This is the real story behind the name of this amazing music player.

Now, next time when someone asks you the meaning of iPod, remember that you the answer.

Now Next question will be what are the types of ipods ?


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