The Fastest iPhone 4 – Amazing New Features

iPhone 4The new iPhone 4 has brought out the best of the iphone series, check out some of the new features on the iphone and you will never feel like leaving it for any other phone around.  Some of the new iphone 4 features you can find are; a standard micro slim body design { this makes it around 24% thinner than the previous 3gs phones}, a full stainless steel body with glass front, and a proximity censor which allows you to have a better dimming control and auto answer.

The Iphone 4th generation features -

A new antenna system has been integrated into the stainless steel structure of the new iphone 4g. Aside this, the new iphone 4g also features a new 960×640 resolution plus a new retinal display. The Iphone 4 also comes with 22% fewer pixels when compared with the IPod.  The retinal display alongside the new pixel structure will produce clearer and much better texts on the phone, the retinal display will generally increase the clarity of the art display on the phone.

The new iphone 4g also features some new internal components or an upgrade of the existing internal components. Some of these great features include; Quad-band radio, a new battery with extended life span, proximity censor, and 3-axis Gyroscope among several others.  The internal features of the new iphone 4g are places where some new innovations had been made on the phone, the new battery for instance has extended the 3g talk time to 7 hours, alongside 6 hours of 3g internet browsing, another 300 hours of standby time has also added lots of credibility to the battery life of the new Iphone.

The 3 axis Gyroscope is another feature of the new Iphone 4 3g which must be considered as a plus to the iphone 4th generation features. This feature will allow the user work with pitch as well roll and yaw and then rotate the phone along a gravitational force.  The transfer speed of the new iphone 4g is another feature which allows the HSDPA network to reach 7.2 mbps down, and 5.8 mbps up.

A lot of changes have been put in place on the camera structure of the new iphone 4g and these features ensure better clarity as well as quality of images and video recordings, aside this , a built-in port for i-movie have also been incorporated.

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