Redesigning The iPod Nano With Wi-Fi For iTunes: A Report

redesigned ipod nanoThe latest buzz going on in the market is that the next generation ipod nano shall be having WI-FI as well as iTunes; however this has been recently reported by Macotakara. Previously, ipad Mini and iphone were also in news due to the rumours. The ipod nano with WI-FI is even seen on the case sides.

However, nobody still has a clear notion whether it is a rumour or it is true.

We shall know it when the new ipod comes in the market. In addition to this, there are many Japanese blogs and websites that said that the new ipod shall be promoting the biggest music store across the world.

Well, nobody knows what’s right and what’s wrong; all we can do is to wait for 12th September that is the release date, and check out the real truth behind this mysterious product. Furthermore, the secrets of iPad mini shall also be revealed in the month of October. So people, let the countdown be started as we can do nothing else beyond waiting for the release.

IPod Nano Features List?

Many of you have waited much for an iPod nano; however your patience and wait will soon have an end. It has so many interesting features that you shall buy it instantly. With its marvellous sleek design to video camera and Genius play feature, everything is really amazing. If you wish to know its features, then you have come to the right place. Following are the excellent features of ipod nano, have a glimpse over them.

    • Design: This product has a hold switch at its top and a click wheel in the centre. The click wheel has functions of pause, play, forward and also reverse. There is also a headphone port in the bottom along with a 30pin connector. You would also find a camera lens and a microphone situated at the backside. Ipod nano is polished with aluminium and is large with a display of 2.2 inches. 4.1 x 2.2 x 1.8 is the measurements of ipod nano along with a pixel resolution of 240×376. There are 5 buttons on the click wheel, and the centre one is used to select anything from the menu.
    • Audio: If you have ipod, you would never let it free, and instead you would keep on listening to your favourite music all time. This product supports many audio formats and they are- Protected AAC, AAC, Audible, AIFF, MP3 VBR, MP3, WAV and many others. Shuffle, repeat and play are the audio features available with ipod nano.
    • Genius feature: Ipod nano for iTunes can be enjoyed with this feature; you can even mix your favourite tunes and enjoy the remixes with the help of Genius mixes.
    • Video camera: You can capture high standard videos with ipod nano and transfer them to your computer system. Further, the experience of recording videos with special effects would be simply fantastic. You could find the lens of the camera at the back of the product.
    • Voice over feature: This is an amazing feature as you could easily know the title and the artist of the song. All you need to do is install Voiceover kit and start enjoying.
    • Fm radio: Many people like to listen radio and you can do it so with ipod nano, tune your favourite station and start humming with the songs played.
    • Other features: Games, alarms, stop watch, calendar are some additional features that you get with ipod nano.

These were the ipod nano features guide, come to us and get huge discounts at iPods and other products as well.

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