Princing for iPhone 3 G S

T-Mobile and Orange announced Princing for iPhone 3 G S in Austria

According to the latest reports, two telecom providers, T-Mobile and Orange have announced the iphone 3G S price for their Austria divisions.

T-Mobile has said that it will offer its subscribers the 16GB 3G S iphone for €149 for a  €39/month plan, this plan includes 2000 minutes, 1000 texts and also 1GB data while the 32GB version is available for €249 with the same plan.

Also the subscribers can choose more expensive plan that offers 3000 call minutes with 1000 texts and 3GB data for €49 for the 16GB model. The same plain is available for €149 for the 32GB version.

The 8GB model of iPhone 3G is offered for free with no regard to the plan a subscriber chooses, all plans contain upcharges for calls and texts. Also the company offers a €49 a money-back guarantee, online coupon with an offer of no monthly payments in the current year. The existing subscribers may purchase the new 16GB iphone for €539 and the 32GB model is for €639.

Similarly, another company Orange offers tiered pricing – 16GB model for €69, €119 or €199 while the 32GB model is for €169, €219 or €299. The 8GB model of iPhone will be from €49 to €149. Orange also offers an online coupon worth €40. Tethering will cost €2 per month and €0.20 per MB. And, for the existing customers, the 16gb and 32gb iphone 3G S will come for €500 and €600 respectively. Both the telecom companies are expected to launch the phone 26th June.

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