Now Control Your Coffeemaker with grinder with iPhone or Android

It has finally happened! have been answered! Now you can have freshly made cup of coffee whenever you want, wherever you are! There’s a new product on the market that is going to make coffee drinkers extatic. Its name is Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew 10-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with grinder, A Modern Coffee Machine.

This smart coffeemaker can be programmed and controlled remotely from any Android and iOS device. You can schedule or adjust brewing time according to your wishes and needs, using the free WeMo application. If you are a busy person (and who isn’t nowadays?!) or you are just somebody who loves technology and all the new gadgets, this is the best choice for you.

The possibilities are innumerable. The coffee maker can be programmed ahead for the specific time of a day or even for the entire week. To put it simply, you can have your coffee ready every morning and as it has inbuilt coffee grinder, so you will get Fresh taste coffee everytime. Isn’t it wonderful to have your morning coffee the moment you open your eyes? But if that’s not your wish, you can do it only for special days.

Yet, that is not all that this smart coffeemaker provides.

  • It sends the notifications to your mobile device if the coffee is made.
  • if the gadget itself is set up and ready for use.
  • it can even notify you if the filter needs to be changed .
  • if it is time for the machine to be cleaned.

This wonderful device, thanks to its Optimal Brew Technology, is 20 percent faster than its competition. It brews coffee in about seven minutes and keeps the coffee hot for longer. This ideal coffee machine consists of removable side brew basket, which is easy to both fill and empty, removable water reservoir, which keeps you from mess and spills, and 10-cup thermal carafe, because of which the coffee stays hot, fresh and tasty.Despite the fact that we are talking about the state-of-the-art technology, it can also be operated manually.

It is pretty easy to set up. To start using Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew Coffee machine with grinder, all you need to do is to plug it in and download the free WeMo application to your mobile device. You can find the free WeMo app in the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store or the Amazon App Store. This app is used to keep you constantly connected to your smart coffeemaker over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G networks. In order to use this app you need to have Apple Smart device with iOS7 or higher or Android smart device using 4.0 or higher.

It is quite obvious that Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal BrewCoffeemaker makes the life a little bit easier. Just imagine those days when you would kill for those notorious extra ten minutes to stay in warm and cozy bed. Or early mornings without arguing about whose turn it is to make coffee. And there are days when you come back tired from work and there’s nothing you want more than a cup of coffee, ready and waiting for you. If you’ve ever found yourself in any of these situations, look no further! Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew 10-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is the one for you!
Happy brewing!

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