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There are several features of Iphone 3gs that makes them unique and highly preferable. These features include; speed, the new mega-pixel camera, the connectivity, the graphics and design, and some new special features. In terms of speed, the new price iphone 3gs is very ideal for an everyday user. The new Iphone 3gs is two times faster than the previous versions of the iphone, and this has a great positive impact on the battery life of the Iphone 3gs.

Iphone 3gs features and getting the best Iphone 3g best buy -

A new processor built-in in the iphone 3gs has really increased its speed drastically. Aside this, the camera structure of the Iphone 3g has been increased to 3-mega pixel to improve its resolution as well as some other quality features of the iphone 3gs. Alongside the 3 mega pixel structure of the camera are some other features which include; The 3 mega pixel censor, special macro and low light modes, auto white balancing, auto exposure and automatic tap focus, Photo and video geo-tagging, and the camera also supports a 30 frame per second VGA system.

One of the new iphone 3gs features you can also find, is the connectivity structure which supports the 7.2 Mbps 3GS standard which ensures that data is delivered at a faster rate to your Iphone.  The Bluetooth structure alongside the Wi-Fi system of the phone also compliment its ideal functioning.  The new Iphone 3gs has got some superbly design graphics especially in its hardware structure. The 3.5 inch widescreen multi-touch structure makes the screen easily accessible, this feature has been complimented with the finger print-resistance system coating also add some security to the phone. Some of these additions has slightly increase the weight of the Iphone 3gs to 4.8 ounces.

New price Iphone 3gs has an increased battery life. This battery life is accompanied by other special features such as the magnetometer and a compass structure. The battery system of the new Iphone 3gs will give u a talk time of up to 12 hours, and 10 hours of video play-back among several other things. The amount of prices of iphone 3gs depends on whether it is a 16gb or 32 gb version, the 16gb costs around $199 while the 32gb costs around $299. It is ideal to get a reputable online dealer to get the best Iphone 3gs.

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