Next Generation iPod Touch Case Rumors: LED Flash Based Cases

Apple iPod touch next generation CasesFor music lovers, nothing can prove to be a better gift than a brand new iPod. No one can doubt about the technological prowess of this music device from Apple. With the passage of time, Apple has released a number of models in the iPod lineup.

The latest to join is the iPod Touch 4th generation.

It is quite obvious why people find a lot of similarity between iPod Touch and iPhone 4. Both of them look almost the same and share some of the latest technologies, such as the A4 chip, Retina Display, Sensors, and iOS 5.0. But, you should probably get ready for the arrival of next generation iPod Touch. Yes, the world of electronic gadgets is brimming with the rumors of a redesigned iPod Touch.

Well, the reason behind the speculation is the photos posted by some Chinese website. They have uploaded some photos of new iPod Touch cases. What they claim is a redesigned case for the 5th generation iPod Touch. After taking a look at the photos, we were surprised to see an unknown hole in the lower region of the rear case. In addition, the size of the case has been enlarged for a 4 inch display. So, it is expected that the new iPod Touch could feature an enlarged display of 4 inches. As far as the mystery hole is concerned, it is speculated that it could be for a speaker or a microphone.

On the other hand, the already existing hole for the camera has been elongated, which hints toward the incorporation of a LED flash. Again, in case it turns out to be true, people will have more reasons to find similarities between iPod Touch and iPhone 4. This flash iPod Touch case rumor will definitely excite those who love take photos in low light conditions or during the night. Apart from the enlarged display, new iPod Touch case and the mystery hole within it, there is nothing more to speculate.

How To compare 4th generation iPod Touch cases

Now, let us come back to the present, where we can talk about the existing iPod Touch 4th generation. It is quite easy to understand that your iPod Touch is one of your most valuable belongings, and you would take every possible measure to protect it. This is the reason why iPod Touch 4G cases are so important, as they can protect your device from any accidental damage and scratches as well. So, how to choose the right kind of cases for your 4th generation iPod Touch? Quite obviously, you need to compare the available options in order to figure out the best one among them. Below are some of the points your need to consider and compare when buying iPod Touch 4th generation cases:

Requirements: When you make comparison between the available iPod Touch cases, consider your requirements. For example, if you usually stay at home or office, a pair of normal cases would be sufficient to protect your device from any kind of damage. On the other hand, if you are more into sports or outdoor activities, make sure the cases are tough enough to protect your iPod Touch from drops and scratches.

Type: Cases of iPod Touch are basically available in three types. For business purpose, you can go for the cases that come with a clip. On the other hand, cases with straps attached are considered as best for use during workout. Rubber cases are considered as best for use at home.

So, those were some of the highly informative stuffs related to your beloved iPod Touch.

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