New Shuffle Cases From Incipio

Incipio shuffle new casesIncipio, popular ipod accessories manufacturer has released five new ipod cases for the Shuffle model of third-generation. The Blocks dermaShot shuffle case has a shape like that of a LEGO brick. One of the other fours cases is Treat derma shot has a shape of a dog bone treat, next is the ‘Wafer dermaShot’, it is shaped in the form of a wafer cookie.

The fourth one is the Mint dermaShot, it is shaped like a mint chocolate candy bar and the last one is the Loop dermaShot that resembles a purse-like on top of the case, this case allows the user to hang the cheap ipod shuffle from the buttons or hooks that might not attach to the built-in clip. All these new five ipod shuffle cases are made from high quality silicone and gives full access to the top of your music player and also pass-through holes for the rear clip.

The Block model comes in a four unit pack while the Wafer, Mint, and Loop cases are available in four unit packs and the last Treat model comes in a two unit pack. Every pack is priced at $14.

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