New Launched iPhone – Apple iPhone 4G

Are you a fan of iPhone? Have you bought the latest iPhone?

The new iPhone is selling like a hot cake. Millions of units have been sold and the device has just been released. So, what is exactly new about the new iphone 4? Let’s discuss here.

Apple iPhone 4G

The Apple iPhone 4 is a true masterpiece. It performs better than the past versions and looks great. It is made of steel and glass that makes it super attractive. The new iPhone is slightly modeled after the Apple iPad – it has the same display with same resolution.

The different kinds of applications perform better in this version of iPhone. It delivers a great viewing experience to the user for pictures, videos and internet. It delivers HD quality display and enhances your entertainment. You can watch the web pages in either portrait or landscape view.

The Apple iPhone 4G is a smart phone that performs everything you need for your entertainment… simply cannot wish anything more as you will be completely satisfied with this new Apple gadget. It is the thinnest smart phone only 9.3mm.

It has some amazing new features that are very useful for the users and the add-ons just enhance the fun. The device has a special iChat feature, two cameras that perform both video calling and video conferencing. The 5 megapixel camera has auto-focus and external flash that delivers great quality photos and videos.

The device is slim and weighs around 140 g. It has new buttons for volume and phone lock. Now, you have the metallic buttons.

It supports all networks – 2g, 3g and 4g. It works very fast and runs very smooth.

The screen of the iPhone 4 has is large and gives clear view. The screen is still 3.5 inches and has a 940 × 640 pixels resolution. The Apple A4 processor is very fast that performs every task in few seconds.

The battery power is longer than the predecessor. It offers talk time of 7 hours, 6 hours of web browsing and 10 hours of video playback and, 40 hours of audio playback.

It delivers a great gaming experience for the gamers. The IOS 4 software offers easy multi-tasking with integrated file folder.

The iPhone supports the iBooks, so download your favorite books on your phone.

The retina display of this gadget increases the pixel density in a great way and delivers good quality pictures and video. The Apple 4 has is an appealing device – it is a beautifully designed gadget with a very attractive look.

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