New Availability Checker Tool for iPhone 3G S

iPhone 3gsThe popularity of the new iphone 3GS is increasing widely. The main reason behind this is its thrilling speed. iphone lovers made large queues at the doors of Apple stores early in the morning.

Mostly all the Apple stores are running out of the new iphone model.
Reacting to this situation, Apple has announced a new tool o it’s website that helps new iphone 3GS customers to check the stocks at the retail stores of the company. This facility is currently available only for the USA customers.

The availability of the new iphone varies from store to store. Some Apple stores sold completely out and some down to just one unit available. The Apple’s biggest stores like ‘The Grove’ located in Los Angeles, the San Francisco downtown Apple store and the Apple glass cube 5th avenue store located in New York still have the new iphone model available.

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