New Apple Ipod Nano 16 GB Silver 4th Gen MP3 Player

Affordable New Apple Ipod Nano 16 GB Product Description

This amazing music player Apple iPod Nano impresses everyone with the ultimate entertainment it offers to the music lovers.

It’s compact in size, but offers a plethora of audio and video entertainment. The smaller it is in size, the bigger it is in entertainment.

The ‘Genius’ feature is fun as it allows you to create a play list for you with all your favorite songs that go great when played together. So, it’s your personal DJ.

The super big storage capacity of 16GB is more than enough to store a large number of songs and videos you want.
It can carry up to 4,000 songs and16 hours of video for you. It can store 14,000 photos.

The curved and anodized aluminum body makes a good impression. It has a large and bright display with a 320 x 240 screen resolution.

It offers an audio play back for up to 24 hours and 4 hours for video playback.

Go, get it and have a entertaining time with the iPod Nano.

Price : $139.99

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