New Apple iphone 16gb 3gs black 3.1 OD Extra

Apple iphone 16gb 3gs black 3.1 OD Extra

Product Description

This great device in the iPhone range is really amazing. The iPhone 3G S is a mobile phone, an iPod with widescreen and an internet browsing device. You can make & receive calls, listen to your favorite music and look into maps, check emails at the same time with one single gadget. The user interface of this ultra modern gadget is very attractive and anyone can use it very easily. The best feature of this Apple gadget is its super-fast speed that thrills you with an amazing performance.

The multi-touch display and great applications adds more fun, you can control everything with just your fingers. It is a never before seen mobile device, it has redefined mobile handset.

Product Description

Supports GPS network
Dimensions – W62 mm x D12 mm x H116 mm
Weight – 135 g
Storage – 16GB
Internet Browsing – Available with WiFi
Battery – Lithium ion (lasts up to 600 minutes)
Voice-Activated Dialing, Java Enabled, Video Streaming, Video Recording,
Bluetooth Enabled, GPS, Internet Browser, MP3 Player, PDA-PC Sync, Wi-Fi Capable, 3G Data Capable, SB Interface, Touch Screen

Price : $649.99

Condition : New, Never open

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