New Accessory TapStick for iPod Shuffle

Last week, Apple was in the news for the much hyped iphone 3G S release.
But, this is just not about the iphone, instead it’s about our ipod version – shuffle.

In the past week, Scosche, an ipod and iphone accessories manufacture announced ‘TapStick’. It’s a new accessory only made for the latest cheap iPod shuffle. This new ipod shuffle accessory is available in two colors – black and white. The ‘TapStick’ is a case made up of polycarbonate that fits the shuffle from the front and sides extending the length by half an inch approximately. It provides the same playback and volume controls like in the headphones that comes from Apple.

You can plug in this TapStick into the headphone or control jack of your iPod shuffle. It provides its own jack to connect the headphones, so you can use any headphones. You also get an audio cable (3 foot in size) to connect the ipod shuffle to your car or home stereo system.

Scosche will be releasing this TapStick in the first week of July, the price is $30.

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