New Accessories Range from Monster

FM Transmitter chargeripod accessories manufacturer ‘Monster’ has released a new range of in-car FM transmitters along with chargers and few other accessories for the iPhone and iPod.

The iCarPlay Wireless 1000 model is powered through a USB that allows the users to use it both in the car and in the office/home and it also includes ‘AutoScan 3D’ that finds station automatically for $100. This model is a charger that connects through dock and offers integrated playback controls on the charging bulb and an AUX-output cable that comes with a built-in cord.

It is compatible with both iPhone and iPod and it sells for $50. Monster has also launched the iCarPlay Cassette 800 tape adapter that is available for $20 and the mini-jack cables, iCable 800 and 1000 work in car jacks with auxiliary input jacks. These mini-jack cables are of 3 and 7 feet and priced at $15 and $30 respectively. And the last cheap ipod accessory, ‘iSplitter 800’ works as a two-way headphone jack splitter.
It offers mute and volume controls and is priced at $20.

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