Brabd New 16gb iphone 3gs

16gb iphone 3gs for sale

Product Description

The new iPhone 3G S comes as a 3-in-1 device. This gadget has three function abilities – a cool mobile phone, an iPod with widescreen and touch controls and an internet accessing device that gives desktop like email, maps, browsing and searching …-all into one small device. This device has an all new user interface giving you controls with its multi-touch display and fast performing software. Everything is under the control of your fingers. So, it plays three roles. It’s a never before seen device that give ultimate speed.

The Features -
It supports GPS network.

Dimensions – W62 mm x D12 mm x H116 mm
It weighs 135 g
Battery is Lithium ion with talk time of up to 600 minutes
Browsing with super fast speed
It is candy bar shaped device

Price : $727

Condition : Brand New

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