Nano Changed By Apple Secretly

Nano Changed By Apple Secretly in December, 2005 – Lawsuit Reveals

In the hearing of a lawsuit, Apple now has to pay $22 million.

This case was regarding the scratches of the 1st generation iPod nano. This lawsuit was field in the year of 2005 and the allegations were about the scratches on the screen of those ipods during normal usage – the screen would become unreadable. The court took it as violating the consumer protection statutes and causing consumers incur monetary damages and loss of use.

However, Apple denied these claims and said that people were subjecting the ipods to unusual abrasion, but it made two changes (public knew about one). Actually, Apple started selling ‘coated’ Nano model in December, 2005; and a part of the units sold that time had this coating. Now some units of cheap iPod Nano were more susceptible to scratching.

According to the hearing, the customers who did not get slip cases along with the Nano model may be entitled to a $25 amount while those who got the cases may receive a $15 payment. People with the scratch protection plan are entitled to nothing.

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