Is the iPhone 5 Already On Sale In China: The Facts Behind This?

iPhone 5 on sale in ChinaWith lots of iPhone 5 rumors surrounding, you may want to know the real facts. There are buzzes around the internet that iPhone 5 is already on sale in China.

A Chinese online store has added iPhone 5 in its range. This increases the expectations of iPhone lovers who wanted to know about iPhone 5 for sale in China.

Reliable sources said that Apple will unveil iPhone 5 on September 12 2012. As the release date is fast approaching, you may want to know about the features of next generation Smart phone.

You Need To Know about the Smartphone Apple Iphone 5

Some online sources leak iPhone 5 facts. They say that the new iPhone will be 9 inches in size, but will be thinner and longer. It will feature a fresh layout in which eight pins will be exposed on either side of the metal shell. It is expected that the new iPhone will come with LTE 4G connectivity.

Expected Apple iPhone 5 Features

It is anticipated that iPhone 5 will come with some exciting features.

  1. The iPhone 5 will be slimmer and lighter than its predecessors. Estimation is that it will be tear drop shape.
  2. It will have a shiny metallic body, which is made of nickel, titanium, copper, zirconium, and other metals. The alloy will be poured into a plastic like molding to produce ultra thin parts. However, it will be stronger and more resistant to wear and tear and denting.
  3. The Smartphone will fit an A5 chip with a clocking speed ranging from 1.3 to 1.5 GHz and 1GB RAM.
  4. A Vietnamese blog posted a video that claims that iPhone 5 will have newly designed headphones.
  5. Another attractive feature is that the iPhone will be charged without using cables or plugs. It will be charged by using a dock. It will have rectangular shaped button.
  6. It is expected that the next generation iPhone will have 8 MP camera lenses.
  7. It will offer greater gaming capabilities.
  8. It will have a new NFC (Near Field Communication) feature.
  9. Some experts say that the new iPhone will have more battery life than the previous versions. iPhone 4 offers 14 hours of talk time, so iPhone 5 will offer even more.
  10. It will be powered by the most advanced iOS 5 operating system.
  11. It will have all the other features like iMessage, iBooks and reminder app.
  12. A few experts guess that it will include the I cloud service for remote access of music wirelessly from all computers and mobiles.
  13. It will also have the ability to store apps, photos, documents and calendars, without keeping them onto the memory storage of the phone.
  14. The new iPhone is expected to include 4G LTE connectivity. This will ensure faster browsing with a compatible network.
  15. The components of the next generation iPhone will be upgraded to offer better performance.
  16. There are rumors that Apple is forced to increase iPhone screen size to compete with rival smartphones, such as Samsung S3 Galaxy.
  17. The new iPhone will include in-cell touch panels, which means the two separate layers used in iPhone 4 to offer touch screen effect will be consolidated into one in iPhone 5. This will also help improve the quality of displayed images.
  18. Recently, Apple has won a patent for iWallet technology. Hence, it is expected that it will use the technology in the new iPhones. The technology will make it easy to do credit card transactions by holding it next to the payment console. This technology will turn iPhone into a digital wallet.

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