iPod Touch 4th Generation Black (32 GB) – JAILBROKEN

iPod Touch 4th Gen 32gb BlackProduct Description

Enjoy watching movies on iPod Touch 4G at stunning resolution of 960×640 pixel. Built on A4 processor, iPod Touch’s new digital media player is a multitasking feature that enables to create, edit or call videos easily with 40 hours long battery time. There are two cameras to shoot HD resolution pics & videos with integrated microphone but not limited to that. iPod Touch 4G (32 GB) has better motion sensing including full 3D attitude and user accelerations to shot HD videos.


Bluetooth, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi connectivity, 3G data capable, Mobile TV, 3.5 inch wide Touch screen interface, Java enabled, video call, utility to create high definition video recording, The Gyro+ Accelerometer for better motion sensing like full 3D attitude, built-in video editing feature

Storage Memory – 32GB

Color – Black

Apart from Apple use any SIM and download apps, games, utilities from third party vendors because of jailbroken set.

Create, edit and share high definition audio video with two cameras.

Watch favorite movies, music videos, TV shows, YouTube videos or simply read e-books and pod casts and download them on new Apple iPod Touch 4G 32 GB.

Price – US $149.99

Condition – Jailbroken, Unlocked

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