iPod Software Update

iPod Software Update – $9.95 for Two iPods

All ipod users want to keep their gadgets updated with the latest software from Apple.
You cannot enjoy the new features launched by Apple with an old software version.

New reports from Apple say that if a user purchases OS 3.0 software update for the ipod of second-generation, then it enables them to update their first-generation iPods also.

Now, before you go for an update for your iPod touch, iTunes requires you to click through to the iTunes Store and make a payment of $9.95. You will be then presented with new iTunes licensing terms and the iTunes downloads the iPod OS 3.0 software update for your iPod touch model that is specific to the music players of the first and second generation. So, when you connect your other ipod, there are additional charges for updating the software of the device for 3.0 versions.

However, you will find that an additional software download is performed from the iTunes to retrieve the separate software version of the different device.

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