iPod Shuffle – New Colors in 2GB Model

iPod Shuffle - New Colors in 2GB Model

Good News for the Apple iPod Shuffle Lovers!

The iPod company Apple has updated its iPod Shuffle range of third-generation models. Apple has added some new colors to the 4GB model in this music player line.
The Company has also introduced a 2GB version of Shuffle model. The new shuffle music players (4GB & 2GB) are now available in these colors – black, silver, blue, pink and green. These music devices have the same button-free design.

Also, it has the Earphones controlled with remote like before. The new 4GB special edition in the iPod Shuffle range is a polished stainless steel gadget and it is available exclusively from Apple’s retail and online stores only. The 4GB iPod Shuffle is priced at $79 and the 2GB version is priced at $59, while the special edition is available for $99.

Apple has also added a promotional graphic and song listing for the Shuffle range on the iTunes store. It is an advertisement that has not appeared before. The graphic takes you to a page with the songs ‘Happy Up Here’ (Röyksopp) and ‘Rich Girls’ (The Virgins) under the heading ‘iPod Shuffle Ad Songs’.

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