iPod NANO Black 16 GB 4th Gen NEW & SEALED +Belkin Case

iPod NANO Black 16 GB 4th Gen NEW & SEALED

Product Description

Enjoy with this great iPod Nano (Black). Wit this great portable music player, you can find any track you want to listen to. Also you can view the Album Art with its cool feature ‘Cover Flow’. Press and hold its ‘Center’ button if you would like to browse by Artists or Album. And when you got the right song, press this button for adding it to the on-the-go play list. It has a large font menu and video captions are displayed when they are present with a legible, high-contrast white-on-black font.

Features -
The ‘biggest’ LCD small screen
Genius – create intelligent play lists
Spoker Menu – just name it and you have it
Storage Media – 16 GB with built-in memory
Battery Time – up to 24 hrs
Dimensions – W1.5 in. x D0.24 in. x H3.6 in
Weight – 1.3 oz
Watch movies, TV shows and videos

Price : $177

Condition : Brand New

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