iPhone Sales Boosts at AT&T

iPhone sales

For AT&T, it’s a great deal with iphone 3GS. On 19th June when the new iphone was launched, AT&T announced a ‘best-ever sales day’ for its retail stores. The company says that with the new iphone, it has experienced the second largest one-day traffic. It witnessed the highest number of transactions and upgrade eligibilities it has ever seen. This comes despite also recording the largest-ever number of phone and feature orders through the AT&T website.

These achievements of AT&T surpassed the iPhone 3G launch back in the last year that also drew large numbers leading to activation server crash. The records are expected to go further high in spite of Apple receiving orders at its retails and online. Apple has tied up with Wamart and Best Buy as third party vendors. The new iphone 3GS is an incremental upgrade to the 3G adding amazing performance.

Though AT&T has not shown the actual numbers, however Apple has displayed its worldwide sales of over 1 million units in the first weekend of its launch, that’s a great figure.

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