iPhone New Software Update Released

On Wednesday, Apple released the 3.0 software update for iphone.

It is a major overhaul of the iphone’s operating system and it promises over 100 new features.

The size of this new update ranges from 230MB to 260MB, it depends on what device you want to upgrade. This new update is available by using iTunes. And for installing the new iPhone update, users need to run the iTunes 8.2.

The new 3.0 cheap iphone update is free for the users, except the iPod touch users, they need to pay $10 for upgrading to 3.0 version.

A horizontal keyboard with more apps and a new ‘Find My Phone’ feature comes as part of the change. This new feature helps people locate lost phones.

The most anticipated change is the ability to cut, copy, and paste text, this feature was long awaited since 2007. Now, users are able to select text, copy/cut and paste bubble. Users can also adjust the selected text by dragging it. Once the text is copied, you can paste it anywhere.

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