iPhone – Lawsuit Filed Against the Game Developers

iPhone Game
If you want to download some exciting games from the Apple Store by the ‘Storm8′s then you will read this message on your screen – ‘Item requested by you is not available in the US store’. These games are popular among the iPhone users.

Apple is running out of them as there is a pending ‘class-action’ lawsuit against the developers as reports say that the games accessed the user information and transmitted the phone numbers of the iPhone devices.

This lawsuit is filed in the California District Court stating that users who downloaded the free games are receiving calls from the developers for offering them a paid upgrade version.

The iPhone users are seeing this as a breach of privacy policy by Apple and the developers. The developers of these games are using the personal information for business. And, this privacy breach was done by breaking down the ‘Web traffic’ generated by the ‘Storm8′ while passing the iPhone number to the servers.

However, according to the developers, this all happened because of some ‘bug’, but this is skeptical to be believed.

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