iphone Apps Parental control

iPhone appsAccording to the latest reports, the newly found Parental Controls in the OS 3.0 application of iphone have opened the way to approve the applications of iPhone and iPod touch that contains explicit content that includes nudity.

Currently, Hottest Girls, Sexy Babes, 2200+ Topless and Nude Models appear to be the first approved app by Allen Leung for sale in Apple Store. This first explicit app on Apple Store is rated 17+ for that sells for $2. Allen Leung told reporters, ‘We have uploaded nude pics.
This app is the first one to have nudity.’ According to the experts, the merits of these contents are debatable; the move would possibly reduce the quantity of misguided rejections over sexual content like the ‘South Park’ application and also the ‘Nine Inch Nails – Access’ app.

Apple has approved these apps eventually. Users can activate the Parental Controls by going to the ‘General’ tab and then to the ‘Restrictions’ menu in the ‘Settings’ section of their iphone or ipod touch.

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