iPhone 3GS Released Activation delays

Apple has finally released its new iphone model 3GS.

Hundreds of people made queues in the morning before the store was opened. According to the reports, the release of the new model and pre-order deliveries putting strain on the servers of Apple because a large numbers of people trying to activate their new ihpone model.

Apple is warning through iTunes to the users that the activation of cheap iphone 3GS needs extra time and may take up to 48 hours. Apple says that an email will be sent to the customer one the activation is performed. The company apologizes for the inconvenience and it suggests that till then people can use the other features of iphone that do not require a cellular connectivity. This is a similar situation to the previous year’s iPhone 3G launch debacle, hundreds of users found waiting for hours at the doors of AT&T and Apple while the staff was trying its best to activate their iphone model.

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