iPhone 3G S Gets Overly Hot

iPhone 3G S Gets Overly Hot The reports of iphone 3G S becoming overly hot have been received from a number of iphone users. Many people who use iPhone 3GS said that their device becomes hot and some of them have said that there is also a discoloration problem in the white plastic back. Some people have posted the snaps of their iphone 3G S on net showing the discoloration (reddish/pink) running vertically down the back on both sides of the Apple logo.

The users say that this discoloration appeared after the phone got extremely. This happened when they were testing it with some location-aware apps on 3G. Many people who use iphone 3 G S have complained about this problem since the launch of the new iphone. One of reporters also has had the same experience when he connected his iphone 3G S to a battery pack to charge it, it got abnormally warm. As of now, it is not clear that whether this problem is because of any software or hardware. Apple is still looking into it.

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