Investigation for iPhone & iPod Touch Explosions

iPhone and iPod Touch

Recently, there was news that claimed that a teenage boy was injured in France when his iPhone exploded. This news came just after a similar case in the U.K. in which an iPod Touch of girl was exploded when she dropped it.

Now, Apple is investigating the explosion reports of iPhone and iPod touch in Europe.
As of now, the company has told the European Union that it considers these incidents as isolated. Apple also said that they are aware of these reports and they are waiting to receive those devices from the affected customers and they can not say anything more
Until they have get the devices.

Speaking on the Apple’s reaction to these reports, the spokeswoman of EU has said in an interview that Apple is not considering it as a general problem. Further, she said that Apple is trying to gather some more information about the specific details of these reported incidents and they are investigating the real cause.

It has become very important for apple to know the truth about the cases as it may affect it reliability in Europe and it may have to suffer in sales there.

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