How to Choose an ipod?

How to Choose an ipod?

So, you are a huge fan of the apple iPod and want to buy one soon? But, you are confused about which one to choose?

Let’s do a comparison of all the iPod models.

1. iPod Shuffle – A durable and no scratches device is this iPod. No screen, but great for music. A built in clip is great to carry it. It features three settings – shuffle, play through and off. It comes in 1GB and 2GB options (240 and 500 songs). The 1GB device comes at $49 and the 2GB is at $69. The colors are – blue, silver, green, lavender and red.

2. iPod Nano – Ok, if you like a screen and also want it smaller in size, buy this one. The iPod Nano of 4th generation features video. You can download games. This model comes in 8GB (2000 songs) and 16GB (4000 songs) storage options. The price is $149 and $199. It comes in many colors – purple, black, green, blue, gunmetal, orange, yellow.

3. iPod Classic – If you want a bigger iPod that offers more features, this is the right choice. With the highest memory option 160GB, it can store up to 40,000 and it is priced at $349. Other storage options start from 5GB. It is available in different color like black, silver and white. Load thousands of family photos. You can download TV shows and videos. It is the biggest of them.

4. iPod Touch – Last, if you want an iPod with the latest features without any scroll interface, then the Touch model is for you. This is exactly identical to the iPhone, but has no phone and camera. It comes in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB of memory options. And the prices are $229, $299 and $399. This model features Wi-Fi internet browsing. You can watch YouTube videos can check your email. It has a touch screen interface and it is smaller than the iPhone. The screen is of 3.5 inches.

So, now you the basic idea about all the iPods, choose the one you like the most.

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