How much Improved iPhone 4 than the iPhone 3Gs?

There are so many ways by which one can compare Iphone4 and iphone 3gsiphone4g and iphone3gssome of such criteria include; Processor speed and type, display resolution, standard storage, Camera design and structure, Bluetooth. Wi-Fi features, Housing material and Oleophobic paintings, the battery life, weight and general design structure, and several other features.

Iphone 4 and Iphone 3GS Difference{ Comparing Iphone 4 and Iphone 3gs}

Looking at the Iphone 4 and Iphone 3gs from a distance, one cannot but notice that the Iphone 4 comes with a new and sharper stainless steel body design with a thin metal band and more angular lines. The metal band contain the antennas which have been designed to improve reception on the new Iphone.  One other major changes made on the structural design of the Iphone is that the new Iphone 4 comes with a chemically hardened glass front. By contrast, Iphone 3gs makes use of large plastic design with a more pronounced metal lip round the phone’s edges. Looking at the weight of the new Iphone 4, one can vividly see a thinner phone {0.37inches} compared to Iphone 3gs 0.48, however in terms of weight, the new Iphone 4 is believed to weigh 2 grams more than the 3gs.

One other way to compare Iphone 4 to the 3gs is camera structure. The Iphone 4 model comes with a 3.0 mega pixel camera with VGA video recording, a single microphone and 30 FPS. Attached to these are video editing and balancing supports.

One other way to compare iphone 4 and iphone 3gs is the battery life. The new Iphone 4 battery life has been incredibly extended for different aspects of the phone. The battery life for the Iphone4 web3g,WiFi, music, and Video, have been increased to 6,10,40 and 10 hours respectively, compared to what obtains with the 3gs which are put at 5,9,30,10. The general talk time supported by the battery of the Iphone 4 is 14 hours compared to 12 hours obtainable on the iPhone 3gs.

When comparing Iphone 4 and 3gs on the basis of their cameral structure, the Iphone 4 comes with a 5 mega pixel design compared to the 3 mega pixel found on the 3gs. The Iphone 4 camera structure also contains dual cameras and dual microphones which are not found on the 3gs. There are so many features that differentiates clearly the superiority of the Iphone 4 to the Iphone 3gs.

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