How does an ipod work?

How does iPod Work?

The Apple iPod is the most popular music player. Its ease of use is its main reason of success. But, have you thought hat how does work?

In iPod, the music data is not saved in the analog form, but it is saved in the digital form. It makes it more precise and it saves in long streams of 0′s and 1′s. Apart from the ability of playing the MP3 files, the iPod plays AAC, AIFF, WAV and Audible 2, 3 and 4 formats.

A music CD holds music of 80 minutes only (800MB of data) so, how an iPod carries hours of music in such a small space?

Compression is the answer.

The iPod fits hours of music because it uses codecs that compress the music files of digital music formats. The Codecs are the compression decompression algorithms and these are the formulas that make it possible to shrink the file size smaller and manageable. The iPod has a digital audio chip that reads the shrunken files to create high quality audio and video transmission.

The battery of an iPod is very inconvenient as it cannot be detached by the users. The battery is a 700 mah 3.7 volt rechargeable battery. It lasts between 300 to 500 cycles, for some people it lasts less than a year before it needs to be replaced. T make the device smaller, it was required to create a battery to fit the exact specifications rather than the regular AAA or AA batteries.

The Click Wheel of an iPod is the most talked about feature. It makes it easy to browse and find music and play it quickly. Instead of pressing the buttons, the users can slide the finger around the wheel or click the button for commands. There are four buttons – play/pause, forward, back and menu. With these 4 buttons and the center button, the users can control all the functions.

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