iPhone 3G New Lower Prices

iPhone 3G – New Lower Prices for Few Eligible Users from AT&T

After one week of complaints received from subscribers, cellular company ‘AT&T’ has said that it will offer iPhone 3G to users who are eligible for an upgrade in the month of  July, August or September for a price of  $199/16GB and $299/32GB.

The company says that it offers a range of phones below the actual cost to the customers who agree to sign the service agreements. It means, if a user spends more, he becomes quicker eligible for a price break for a new mobile set. For instance, users who spend more than $99/month become eligible for an upgrade between the time of 12 and 18 months of the contract.

AT&T is extending upgrade eligibility period. It says that the eligibility tools for upgrade will not reflect the change soon and also the supplies are limited at the retail, but customers can place their orders online and the delivery will be made within 7-14 days. You can also purchase the new iphone from Apple’s online or retail stores.

The company also says that users who placed pre-orders from a store of AT&T would have the price adjusted while those who placed their order online are eligible for a discount and they will receive an e-mail with a credit. And users who pre-ordered from Apple directly will be having their eligibility re-assessed and if they will be eligible, Apple will give them credit.

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