Redesigning The iPod Nano With Wi-Fi For iTunes: A Report

redesigned ipod nano

The latest buzz going on in the market is that the next generation ipod nano shall be having WI-FI as well as iTunes; however this has been recently reported by Macotakara. Previously, ipad Mini and iphone were also in news due to the rumours. The ipod nano with WI-FI is even seen on the case sides. However, nobody still has a clear notion whether it is a rumour or it is true. We shall know it when the new ipod comes in the market. In addition to this, there are many Japanese blogs and websites that said that the new ipod shall be promoting … [Read more...]

Next Generation iPod Touch Case Rumors: LED Flash Based Cases

Apple iPod Touch 5th generation Cases

For music lovers, nothing can prove to be a better gift than a brand new iPod. No one can doubt about the technological prowess of this music device from Apple. With the passage of time, Apple has released a number of models in the iPod lineup. The latest to join is the iPod Touch 4th generation. It is quite obvious why people find a lot of similarity between iPod Touch and iPhone 4. Both of them look almost the same and share some of the latest technologies, such as the A4 chip, Retina Display, Sensors, and iOS 5.0. But, you should probably … [Read more...]

Amazon Exposed “Cloud Player” App For IPhone And IPod Touch Users

Amazon launches free Cloud Player app for iPhone, iPod Touch

A much waited application was finally launched by Amazon Cloud player for the users of iPhone as well as iPod touch. This free application permits iOS device users to download online music through their account of Amazon cloud. Now, iphone and iPod users can listen to their favourite tunes at anytime and from anywhere. Amazon cloud player iphone also allows its customers a storage of 5 GB for absolutely free of cost. However, they can purchase space with 20 GB at $20 for a year or 50 GB at $50 for a year. After cloud player has come to iPod … [Read more...]

New Launched iPhone – Apple iPhone 4G

Apple iPhone 4G

Are you a fan of iPhone? Have you bought the latest iPhone? The new iPhone is selling like a hot cake. Millions of units have been sold and the device has just been released. So, what is exactly new about the new iphone 4? Let’s discuss here. The Apple iPhone 4 is a true masterpiece. It performs better than the past versions and looks great. It is made of steel and glass that makes it super attractive. The new iPhone is slightly modeled after the Apple iPad – it has the same display with same resolution. The different kinds … [Read more...]

iPhone – Lawsuit Filed Against the Game Developers

If you want to download some exciting games from the Apple Store by the 'Storm8's then you will read this message on your screen - 'Item requested by you is not available in the US store'. These games are popular among the iPhone users. Apple is running out of them as there is a pending 'class-action' lawsuit against the developers as reports say that the games accessed the user information and transmitted the phone numbers of the iPhone devices. This lawsuit is filed in the California District Court stating that users who downloaded the … [Read more...]


The European Union wants the volume level of Apple iPod and iPhone to go down in Europe. This new proposal has come after a study concluded by the Scientific Committee of EU. In the study, it was found that the volume level above 89 decibels could cause detrimental effects on the hearing capability of the users. So, the Commission wants a limit of 80 decibels for an average usage of 40 hours in a week. This new proposal will take some time to get implemented. Apple has been asked to set a default limit for volume level and also show … [Read more...]

iPod Touch 3G With 802.11n Chip

Reports say that the new Apple iPod Touch 3G will feature an 802.11n-capable Wi-Fi chip.According to the reports, the new Apple iPod Touch 3G will have a Broadcom BCM4329FKUBG chip that is wireless. This wireless chip seems to be more advanced than the 802.11 a/b/g, the BCM4325 chip used in the Apple iPhone 3GS. This advanced chip will support Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, FM receiver and transmitter too. Also, it is said that there is enough space at the top of the board (6mm x 6mm x 3mm) to accommodate the video camera similarly to the Apple iPod … [Read more...]

Investigation for iPhone & iPod Touch Explosions

iPhone & iPod Touch

Recently, there was news that claimed that a teenage boy was injured in France when his iPhone exploded. This news came just after a similar case in the U.K. in which an iPod Touch of girl was exploded when she dropped it. Now, Apple is investigating the explosion reports of iPhone and iPod touch in Europe. As of now, the company has told the European Union that it considers these incidents as isolated. Apple also said that they are aware of these reports and they are waiting to receive those devices from the affected customers and they can … [Read more...]