Brand new 16GB iPod Nano (Black)

Brand new 16GB iPod Nano

Product Description

With this attractive black iPod Nano, it is very easy to find any song you want to listen or watch. Now, you can view the Album Art with the cool feature ‘Cover Flow’. One of its great feature is that you can jus press and hold the ‘Center button’ for browsing the album or artist information. And when you find the right song, you can use this ‘Center button’ for adding this to your ‘on-the-go’ play list.

The Features -

The Storage Media – 16 GB with a built-in Memory

The run time for the Battery – up to 24 hrs

The Dimensions – W.5 in. x D0.24 in. x H 3.6 in

It weighs only 1.3 oz.

Price : $125

Condition : Brand New

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