Apple iPod touch 8 GB 3rd Gen. NEWEST MODEL MP3 Player

Product Description

This Apple iPod touch is a great device. You can listen to your favorite music, play games and use it as your portable computer.

It is very easy to mix songs and then put them all together with the new ‘Genius Mixes’ feature. You can sync your iPod touch to the iTunes and it automatically searches the library and gets you the songs that go great when played together. This feature also creates multiple mixes that are good to hear.

Watch movies, TV shows and surf the web with a fast speed. Get your location and right direction through the Google Maps.

Flick through the albums n the music library. Shop at the Apple iTunes store and buy your favorite stuff like music, video, shows etc.

Details –

Display Size – 3.5 inch
Digital Storage – 8 GB (Built-in Memory)
Bluetooth, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi Connectivity
Dimensions – W0.3 in. x D4.3 in. x H2.4 in
Weight – 4.1 oz
Storage – 8GB
Generation – 3rd

You can also shake the things up with the ‘Shuffle’ feature. Juts shake it and it comes with a different song. It’s great!

Price : $190.00

Condition : NEW NEVER USED

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