Apple iPod Touch 32 GB 3rd Generation LATEST MODEL 32GB

Product Description

This is a cool music player that entertains you like nothing else does. You feel your entertainment complete with this gadget.

The Apple iPod Touch is a great device that entertains you through music, games and internet.

People know it as a popular music player, but it is also a pocket computer and a portable game player.

Listen to your favorite music and watch cool videos. You can watch your favorite YouTube videos and download them directly on your device.

The amazing ‘Genius Mixes’ feature mixes all your favorite tracks together in one play list help. It works lie your own personal ‘DJ’.

Watch movies, surf the web, open emails and shop at the iTunes store.

You can find your location very easily and get directions through the ‘Google Maps’ if you are lost.

Go to the iTunes store and shop for the new stuff – songs, videos, TV shows, games, pod-casts, apps and other things.

It is equipped with the latest 3.1 software, so the fun is more now.

The ‘Cover Flow’ feature is really great. Just turn the gadget on the sides and then glide through the music with album art. You can tap on the album cover and then flip it to see a track list.

It also shuffles your music and surprises you with a new song every time you shake it.

Price : $269.99

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