Apple iPod touch 2nd Generation Silver (32 GB) MP3 Player

Apple iPod touch 2nd Generation Silver MP3 Player

Product Description

This time, it is better than before. This brand new iPod Touch (32gb) is very thinner and sleeker. It has been crafted from contoured stainless steel. The device features a built-in speaker, integrated volume controls and an excellent user interface with a great design. And, you can access tons of new content from the App Store.

This iPod has Nike+ feature, so you can sync it to your running routine without any need of an external transponder. Another great feature ‘Genius’ allows you to create a play list that really makes sense. Its battery boasts 36 hours of audio playback and 16 hours of video playback, it is good enough. One notable feature of this gadget is a highly-recyclable environmental-friendly design that reduces the toxic chemicals.

Its storage capacity of 32GB allow you to store 7000 songs, you can play 40 hours of video anytime you wish. You can download cool apps and games from the Apple store (many are free). It also has an accelerometer and a ‘Multi-Touch’ display. It has 3D graphics that really makes your gaming experience a whole lot more fun.

Price : $320

Condition : Brand New

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