Apple iPod Touch 2nd Generation (32 GB) MP3 Player

Apple iPod Touch 2nd Generation (32 GB) MP3 Player

Product Description

You can have a plenty of time having great entertainment with this ultimate Apple music player. You get the amazing multi-touch technology with this iPod for the first time. Just flip through the music library by and choose your favorite tracks. You can create an intelligent play list with its ‘Genius’ feature. You can shop music on the Apple iTunes store through Wi-Fi connectivity from any Wi-Fi hotspot.


Download music and video from the iTunes store. You can scroll through the songs and play lists with the touch of your finger. Browse with album artwork with the ‘Cover Flow’ feature.

View your emails in the rich HTML format. Surf internet through the fast Wi-Fi connection and view maps etc.

This iPod supports these audio formats – Audible, MP3, AAC, AIF and WAV

Display Size – 3.5 inch
Storage Capacity – 32GB (built-in memory)
Battery Time – u to 36 hrs
Dimensions – W 2.4 in. x D0.33 in. x H4.3 in
It weighs only 4.05 oz.

Price : $325

Condition : Used

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