Apple iPod touch 2nd Generation (16 GB) MP3 Player

Apple iPod touch 2nd Generation (16 GB) MP3 Player

Product Description

This Apple music player is a great device as it has many attractive features.

Details -
iPod Touch is has always been an amazing iPod. With the revolutionary multi-Touch technology, the user interface makes everything really easy for the users. The iPod Touch has an accelerometer that enhances the fund of gaming.

This device has attractive 3D graphics that adds fun to your experience. iPod Touch has
Features a ‘Genius’ play list function that enables you to create an intelligent play list of songs that go great together. It gives you complete entertainment – enjoy music, TV shows and videos.

Enjoy high speed internet browsing, check emails and watch your favorite YouTube videos and have fun.

Also, you can check Google Maps and shop for games and applications from Apple store.

Supported Formats AAC, AIFF, Audible, MP3 and WAV

Display – 3.5 inch
Storage Media – 16 GB (built-in memory)
Battery Run Time – up to 36 hrs
Dimensions – W2.4 in. x D0.33 in. x H4.3 in
Weight – 4.05 oz

Price : $200

Condition : Used

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