Apple iPod nano chromatic Black (8 GB) MP3 Player

Apple iPod nano chromatic Black (8 GB) MP3 Player

Product Description

Item Description -

Have you ever dreamed of a small music gadget that is small in size, but yet give you many cool things, so that you can have a great entertainment? Then look at this lovely music player from Apple. With this small size music device, you can search your favorite songs anytime you like to listen. Also you can view the album art with its cool feature ‘Cover Flow’. And then moving on, you get a ‘Center’ button that is used for browsing by artist or album. And when you find the right track, just press the ‘Center’ button for adding it to the on-the-go play list.

Features -
Display Size -2 inches
Storage Media – 8 GB with built-in memory
Battery Time is up to 24 hrs
Dimensions – W1.5 in. x D 0.24 in. x H3.6 in
It weighs only 1.3 oz.
Cover Flow to browse by artists or album

Price : $110

Condition : Brand New

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