Apple iPod Nano chromatic Black (16 GB) – Factory Sealed

Apple iPod Nano chromatic Black (16 GB) - Factory Sealed

Product Description

Now, with this amazing music player, it is much easier to search the track you want to hear. Also, you can view the album art with the cool feature ‘Cover Flow’. There is a ‘Center’ button, if you wan to browse by artist or album, just press it. And when you find your track, press the button for adding it to the ongoing play list.


This iPod has a scratch-resistant aluminum body that is very slim. It has contour and rounded edges, it look very attractive. The screen of this ultimate music player is of 2-inches. Enjoy TV shows, movies and pod-casts with this great iPod. Just flip it to a ‘widescreen’ view. The life of the battery is long, it lasts 36 hours.

It features an ‘Accelerometer’ adding more fun to the gaming experience. It also enables ‘shake to shuffle; a wrist-flick is enough to change a track. This music player features ‘Cover Flow’ to assist browse music by artist or album.

You can store up to two thousand songs, you can watch hours of videos anywhere and anytime. The smart ‘Genius’ function creates an intelligent play list for you as it brings the songs on the same way that go great.

Storage Capacity – 16 GB (built-in memory)
Battery Time – up to 24 hrs
Dimensions – W1.5 in. x D0.24 in. x H3.6 in.
Weight – 1.3 oz.

Price : $158

Condition : New

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