Apple iPhone 3GS 3G S 16GB BLACK Unlocked & Jailbroken

Apple iPhone 3GS 3G S 16GB BLACK Unlocked

Product Description

Item Description -

This is a great gadget that comprises three different things – a high tech mobile phone, an iPod with widescreen featuring touch controls and also an internet browsing device. So, with these three features main features you can listen to your favorite songs, you can make and receive calls and also you can check emails, look into maps and other important things. You get everything comprised in one small lightweight handheld device.

The interface is totally new on a large multi-touch display and new software tat allows you to control everything by using just your fingers. This device has never before seen amazing speed that will surely thrill you.

Features -
Dimensions – W 62 mm x D12 mm x H116 mm
Weight – 135 g
Design – Candy bar

Browsing – Yes
Wireless Interface – Bluetooth 2.1 EDR & IEEE 802.11b
Battery – built in Lithium ion
Talk Time – up to 600 min

Price : $700

Condition : Brand New

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