Product Description

This Apple iPhone is in a very good condition with only minor usage signs and it works perfect.

The best part about this device is that it is ‘Jailbroken’, it means you can use the third party applications and install your favorite games. Also, you can use any other telecom service of your choice.

One thing that should be highlighted about this device is its super fast speed. Yes, it performs every task, opening an app, sending an attachment etc-etc. with a ‘bullet-speed’.
You will be amazed to see it perform super fast.

It has got a high quality Video camera – shoot, edit and share your videos with your friends with high sped internet. You can shoot it either in portrait or landscape modes. Also, you can trim the footage wit the start and end points.

The built-in digital compass, Google maps and GPS functions are there to find your way out, in case you are lost.

It has a ‘VoiceOver’ feature with which you can call any of your friends or do some other activity.

There are many other great features that will entertain you and they are very useful for a number of things.

Buy it and rock your world!

Price : $649.99

Condition : used, Good Condition

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