Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB Black **WITH A FREE CASE**

Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB Black **WITH A FREE CASE**

Product Description

This latest Apple iPhone is just amazing. It is loaded with super fast speed that thrills its users. It looks attractive and works excellent. You get a free case with it.

The iPhone 3G S has many cool features. It has a great speed that performs everything you want in just few seconds. You can check emails, open attachments and applications in no time. Everything is now super-fast on this new iPhone model.

The iPhone 3G S has cool features like Voice-Activated Dialing, Video Streaming and Video Recording.

This device has a beautiful Color touch screen and it is Bluetooth enabled. It comes with GPS, Calendar, Email Access and Internet Browser.

It comes with a coating that protects it from possible scratches and spots.
You can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi.
It has i3G Data Capable.

Dimensions – W62 mm x D12 mm x H116 mm
Weight – 135 g
Battery – Lithium ion
Talk Time – up to 600 min

Price : $649

Condition : New

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