Apple iPhone 3GS 32 GB Black cell phone

Apple iPhone 32gb 3GS

Product Description

The iPhone 3G S is a great device. It is a mobile phone, a music player and an internet accessing medium, a three in one gadget. It comes with the multi-touch control technology – everything is under your control with just a touch!

You can check your email, surf the internet at high speed, check maps and much more. The user interface is very attractive and the new software updates enhances the functions.
The speed of this ultimate gadget is super-fast. You can do open email, attachments and apps in just a few seconds.

You can record video with 3 Megapixels, the quality is just great.

It features Color Screen, GPS, Calendar, Email Access, Internet Browser, MP3 Player, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Speakerphone, and USB Interface

The iPhone 3G S is Bluetooth enabled.

Dimensions – W62 mm x D12 mm x H116 mm
It weights 135 g
The shape is of a candy bar
Internet Browsing – Available with WiFi
Battery – Lithium ion, lasts up to 600 minutes

Price : $650

Condition : Used

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