Apple iPhone 3G 16 GB White Broken Repair Screen 16GB

apple iphone 3g 16 gb whiteProduct Description

This is a great device form the house of Apple, the iPhone 3GS. It has changed the definition of entertainment. Millions of units have been sold through out the world. You will never regret this deal… it is a superb gadget that completes all your entertainment requirements.

Details –

It is has three different function abilities – a cell phone, a music player and an internet accessing medium. Make calls, listen to your favorite music and surf the high speed internet.

The USP of this device is its super fast…it performs every task you give it to you in just a few seconds. It does not take time, no mater what you do – whether you want to open an attachment, finding a favorite track or open up an application, it does everything the super fast way. You will be amazed by its performance.

It is armed with a high quality camera that clicks high quality pictures that you can share with your friends trough internet.

It has speaker phone, touch screen that enables you do everything with just a touch. It is a Bluetooth enabled device. There is a large space for the storage (16GB). Store enough of your favorite songs, videos and data. It has may other cool features – radio, GPRS, maps, a compass and many others.

It is a used device that works perfect, however there are some minor scratches on the screen. The microphone does not work.

Package –
Original iPhone Box
No Cables, plugs, or headphones.

You are gonna love this amazing device.

Price : $250.00

Condition : Used, Good Condition

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