Apple iPhone 3G 16 GB Black (Unlocked) Jail broken -Acc

apple iphone 3g 16 gb black (Unlocked)Product Description

An amazing gadget that keep you entertaining for hours and you do not want to keep it away from you.
There are many great features & functions in this iPhone 3G that entertain you and its super fast speed makes it perform everything in just a few seconds – open an application, send an attachment or play a game with a high speed. The new coating protects your baby from spots and scratches.
Features –
Radio, Voice-Activated Dialing, Video Recording, Wi-Fi Connectivity, 3G Data Capable, Push to Talk, Mobile TV, Touch screen interface, Java Enabled, MMS Enabled, Video Streaming, GPS, Calendar, Internet Browser, Speakerphone
Storage Memory – 16GB
Color – Black
Unlocked – Use with any SIM and download applications & games from the third party vendors without any restrictions.
The amazing 3D graphics deliver an incredible gaming experience that you will not find anywhere else. You will find everything 2xs faster. Shoot video, edit and share it instantly with high speed internet.
The high quality camera gives you options to view the pictures either in landscape or portrait modes. You can trim the footage with the ‘start’ and ‘end’ points.
Watch your favorite YouTube videos and you can also download them. You can watch TV shows, read e-books and pod-casts on this great gadget.

Price : $399.00

Condition : Used, Good Condition

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